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Performance Trust is committed to helping financial institutions improve their long-term performance and deliver shareholder value. Our mission is to inspire financial decision makers to pursue the Path of Great Performance™ and help them achieve results that surpass those they would otherwise attain. We teach them our Shape Management® methodology—the disciplined application of Total Return and Scenario Analysis—in order to help them better quantify and execute risk/reward decisions.

Too often, executives are forced—under time constraints—to make less than optimal decisions based on single statistics that do not provide a full picture of a financial decision’s repercussions. Shape Management® will give executive teams objective, math-based tools to help them seek more profitable balance sheet and investment portfolio decisions. By understanding the true nature of the risk/reward decisions they are faced with, institutions will be able to make better decisions and generate potential wealth over time.

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  • Rich Berg

    Richard S. Berg

    Chief Executive Officer, Co-Founder
    Rich is CEO and co-founder of the Performance Trust Companies. Performance Trust Capital Partners trades and invests in fixed-income securities, primarily for middle market institutions.

    Prior to this, he was a Managing Director with Clayton Brown & Associates, Inc. where he directed the Portfolio Analytics Group, a division of the company dedicated to providing and executing commercial bank client investment and funding strategies. Rich was a Contributing Editor for the ABA Banking Journal for five years, and authored various feature articles in this and other banking and regulatory publications. He is a featured speaker at numerous banking, insurance and professional conferences and seminars throughout the United States. Rich was also one of the founders of the highly acclaimed Principles of Performance™ course (formerly known as Bond MathBond Math University®) and the Advanced Course®. He is a frequent guest on CNBC, Bloomberg TV & Radio, MSNBC, Fox Business News, WLS, WTTW and Reuters.

    Rich received his BS in mathematics from Wheaton College and an MBA from Northwestern University’s Kellogg Graduate School of Management.

  • Phil Nussbaum

    Philip M. Nussbaum

    Chairman of the Board, Co-Founder
    Phil is one of the founding members and partners of The Performance Trust Companies. His passion is to help asset liability managers outperform by applying a disciplined, well-quantified risk/reward decision-making process. He has been a featured speaker and writer on the topic of bank investment portfolio management and regulation for numerous banking programs and seminars around the country. Currently, he leads the Analytics Group at Performance Trust.

    Prior to joining Performance Trust in 1994, Phil was a Vice President at Clayton Brown & Associates, where he also served as the managing editor of The Bank Portfolio Manager. Before that, he was a senior examiner with the Financial Markets Unit of the Federal Reserve Bank of Chicago, where he specialized in bank investment portfolios, asset/liability management, and off-balance sheet derivative trading.

  • Bart Smith

    Bart Smith

    Managing Director, Regulatory Services
    Drawing on his 25 years of experience at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Bart saw a need for education when it comes to regulatory concerns. He created PT Score products to help ease the fear that regulatory concerns can cause for institutions and teach banks how to leverage their regulatory position to find new opportunities.

    Prior to joining Performance Trust, Bart began his career in 1985 as an Assistant Examiner in the FDIC’s Houston, Texas Field Office. He received his Commission as an Examiner in 1989 and was promoted to Senior Examiner in 1991. During his tenure in Texas, Bart was instrumental in the examination and resolution of several large banks and savings and loans. In 1992, Bart accepted a Review Examiner position in the New York Regional Office, where he worked primarily with large multinational institutions. In 1997, he was promoted to the Field Supervisor position in the Baltimore, MD where he had coverage of all field examination activities in Maryland and the District of Columbia. In 2002, Bart became the Territory Supervisor for the Charlotte, NC office, which covers all supervisory activities in North and South Carolina, including several of the nation’s largest banks. Bart held his position in Charlotte until joining Performance Trust in 2012.

We exist to inspire financial decision makers to pursue the Path of Great PerformanceTM and help them achieve results that surpass those they would otherwise attain.

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