PT ScoreTM Reports

Uncertainty seems to rule the day…until now. Empower your institution with tools to keep you on top of your risks so you not only know where you’re headed, but can plan for where you want to go.

Know Your Risk.

PT ScoreTM

PT Score™ is a risk management model designed to identify, measure, and track significant risk trends in depository financial institutions. Your PT Score™ corresponds to a CAMELS equivalent rating to help provide an accurate picture of your institution’s level of risk.

PT Score Model

How PT ScoreTM helps you:

  • Find out how stress conditions would affect your institution
  • Proactively address regulators’ concerns with your risk
  • See where you stand versus overall industry performance
  • Hand-pick up to 15 peer institutions for a personalized peer comparison with PT Score™ Interactive edition
  • Receive personalized guidance from our regulatory experts

It’s important to know where you are so you have the knowledge, confidence, and preparedness to get where you want to go. Time to clear the path to performing without obstacles—and being able to operate in a more meaningful and efficient way for your community.

PT Score™ Reports

See for Yourself

Walk through a sample report with one of our regulatory experts so you can see how PT Score™ can help you turn risk challenges into opportunities.

Interactive Edition

New digital features help you experience PT Score™ in an entirely new way.

What you get:

  • See the “bigger picture” with an expanded historical view of your data
  • Get a more detailed breakdown of your risk—such as which components carry the least or most risk for your Institution
  • Create a custom peer list for a more detailed and personalized comparison. View a peer’s ratios, component scores, and their PT Score™
  • NEW! Access to the PT Score™ Simulator where you can create & evaluate the results of multiple scenarios to help you make strategic decisions with greater clarity and confidence.
PT ScoreTM Reports

Industry Report

On a quarterly basis, get the big-picture view of the industry’s risk levels.

  • Get key takeaways on what these scores mean for the industry
  • Go in-depth with the national score of each PT Score™ risk component
  • Stay current with key regulatory updates

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