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This network provides tools and resources to help you understand, clarify, and evaluate risk positions within your institution & the industry. Also, additional Performance Trust resources can help provide clarity around key risk management issues.

Turn risk challenges into opportunities with PT ScoreTM regulatory tools.

PT Score™ is a Strategic Risk Management Tool that helps financial institutions optimize performance through more effective management of risk and regulatory positions.

How does the PT ScoreTM Process Work?

  • Provides a unique understanding of fundamental structural and regulatory risk positions that exist across a financial institution
  • Explains how environment stresses (ex: credit, interest rate, operational) could potentially impact these structural and regulatory risk positions, including the direct impact on capital
  • Explains how an institution’s risk positions compare with peer performance measures and industry trends
  • Provides a method to estimate and evaluate strategic scenarios that optimize the risk/reward proposition for the institution
PT Score™ Process

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With our unique, disciplined approach, we challenge conventional wisdom and unveil common misconceptions through our strategic financial advisory services.

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We are committed to educating our clients and helping them acquire the knowledge and tools the ask the right questions and make beneficial risk/reward decisions.

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Bart Smith

Managing Director, Regulatory Services

Drawing on his 25 years of experience at the Federal Deposit Insurance Corporation (FDIC), Bart saw a need for education when it comes to regulatory concerns. He created PT Score products to help ease the fear that regulatory concerns can cause for institutions and teach banks how to leverage their regulatory position to find new opportunities. Bart serves as an expert resource for Performance Trust in bank policy and regulatory matters and helps develop many different types of materials to educate customers. Prior to joining Performance Trust, Bart began his career as an Assistant Examiner in the Houston, TX Field Office. In 2002, after a series of promotions, Bart became the Territory Supervisor for the Charlotte, NC office.

Bart Smith

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